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This MusicResources.live site has been designed as a Content Management System (CMS) to catalog, house and coordinate classical music resources; either as single well-know selection, like “Peter and The Wolf” or a concert repertoire i.e. “International Rhythm and Dance”,  with an educational component.

You may find a complete lesson plan or two among the postings. But the resources here are more “source material” for you to create your own lesson plan. In addition this site is a perfect place for use in  presenting and projecting audio-video lesson plan components.

The information and material at this site is free and we provide this material for educational purposes.

Use the MENUS on the sidebar to select a title, composer, or program. If there is something you would like to see added to this catalog, let us know.  We will do the research, put together the material and post it.

This site should be considered as Work-In-Process (WIP).  Therefore, things will change, be added and edited. But, in spite of that we hope that this will still be useful to teachers, docents, and others who wish to work with young students and lovers of classical music.

A lot of the material, except perhaps for the lesson plans and other notes, are suitable for direct projection from this site as audio-visual presentation in the classroom.

Each program and its repertoire has been designed to support a specific theme usually stated at the beginning of the posting.. or you may have one of your own for which the musical resources would apply. These programs were originally designed and developed as part of training workshops to train-the-trainers and docents who would deliver  “pre-concert”  lectures, programs and activities for grade school children and adults prior to their “field-trip” attendance at a  symphony orchestra concert or rehearsal.

Many of the programs grew out of my nearly a decade or more of experience as a docent and coordinator with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association where I made presentations to Chicago-Land schools and Community Groups. The primary incentive for this site is to serve those schools and groups that may not have the opportunity to attend a symphony orchestra concert. Or, if they do attend the concert, do not have a pre-concert speaker (teacher or docent)  at their school.  What you will find here is the material,  some ready to use, but mostly notes and material that can be used in creating you own formal lesson plan. This site is mainly for schools that may not have the opportunity to come to a concert; do not have a docent, but  may want to provide this experience of classical music as part of their curriculum or extra-curricular activities. Community Centers, Senior Centers and Life-Long Learning programs may find benefit and value from these postings.











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